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Sahara import export Company has also been providing various customer services in import and export. Our logistics service provides proper management services to our clients that can help in the development of their business. we have been providing import service in a safe, cost productive manner. In modern days, international import and export has become more famous due to its high-speed transportation. Various means of transportation including airways, seaways and so on are suitable for transporting goods at a top speed and can be delivered urgently if required .We offer the best shipment methods that have been handled quickly and efficiently which is more important. Moreover, our highly-experienced staffs give the best ideas that help in the enhancement and to upgrade your company.

We want to deliver branded product from japan to our costumer in Vietnam in a reasonable price.We export different brands clothes, bags, shoes ,cosmetic product and different kinds of goods from Japan to Vietnam. We help you to do Inventory management and control,Order processing, inbound and outbound,Re-packaging, labeling and quality control. We are always available 24-7 when you need. We guarantee the safe delivery of our customer’s shipment and provide valid proof of the delivery to the concerned parties. We provide personal service and a valuable commitment that helps for the success in your business. You can get quality service from Sahara import and export.

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